4 Apple's Key to Success

Written By Irpan Paizal on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | 12:51 AM

Apple seems to have big names undeniable in the technology industry. However, about what makes them by now?

When speaking at the University of Cambridge, VP of Product Marketing for your iPhone, iPod, and Apple's IOS, Greg Joswiak try a little reveal 4 key to the success of the Apple retained until now.

1. Focus
Products issued by Apple for this is less diverse than its competitors. See, their smartphone products. walking alone to challenge the iPhone product line on the market.

But this is precisely the strength of Apple, because they can focus work on the iPhone. Starting from the setting up of technology and its features, to the ecosystem around it.

"We're just doing a few things at Apple. But from some of these products, our revenue could be up to USD 100 billion. If you share too much attention to many things, there would be none of them are going to be phenomenal," said Joswiak, quoted of Mactrast, Tuesday (22/11/2011).

2. Simplicity
According to Joswiak, Apple is trying to focus on the 'big picture' how to make a memorable experience to the user. They just disregard how the technical specifications of the product later.

Sensation to the user experience is also trying packed with simple, practical alias created but has magical power.

"When you start to build something, then he will quickly become complex. But if you're already familiar with your product and what the problem, then you can make things complicated it becomes simple," he said.

3. Bold
Do not be 'imprisoned' with what's already there. That's roughly the message to be conveyed Joswiak. It relates how a vendor is required to continue to innovate break through the boundaries of people think.

According to Joswiak, courage is very influential factor in decision-making in the business world. "Do not rely on ideas from the past, including if they have been proven successful. You do not make a product just because someone else has had it," he added.

4. Best
Apple's perfectionist nature which has no founder, Steve Jobs, seems to have been successfully passed down to the work culture in the gadget maker phenomenal iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

The reason, Apple thinks will not go into a particular line of business if they can not be the best in them. Of course, the extra effort needed to become the best hunting is.

"At Apple, if we can not be the best in that segment, then we are not interested to enter it," said Joswiak.

Yes, that's four working principles Joswiak said Apple has always held up to now. Okay, Apple should be proud, because the products output current has always been a phenomenon. Still, Apple's products also had to taste failure.

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