Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S, Where More Great?

Written By Irpan Paizal on Monday, November 21, 2011 | 4:36 PM

Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S can be said to be the most advanced products from Samsung and Apple. Both were equipped with the latest operating system and features a number of most brand. But which one is more powerful?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with Android Ice Cream is not yet widely marketed, but the performance of the phone is already on the site Anandtech diumbar complete with a series of trials and compare it with the iPhone 4S.

As quoted by Chexosnews, experiments were performed with a special application that will measure how good a graphics capabilities, processing speed of Javascript and the browser of each phone.

The test results through Rightware BrowserMark shown in the figure below. Galaxy Nexus looks down at the top with a score of 98,272, is superior to the iPhone 4S with a score of 87,841. Similar results also occur in Javascript if testing where the Galaxy Nexus still leading.

Galaxy Nexus Speed ​​ in terms of processing Javascript and the browser is very good. It's just for business graphics, this phone was lost by the iPhone 4S.

SGX chip 543MP2 (Apple A5) invested in the iPhone 4S was able to defeat all his opponents, not least the Galaxy Nexus.

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