Bug Found in Galaxy Nexus

Written By Irpan Paizal on Monday, November 21, 2011 | 5:42 PM

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was launched in the UK on 17 November and some users began to complain of some software problems (bugs) that affect the sophistication of Ice Cream Sandwich's first mobile phone in the world.

The biggest complaint was reported on xda-developer forum, which is labeled as "SAV-Ghost 'or known as' Self Aware Volume Ghost'. According to the user, device volume can change their own and as if influenced by a ghost.

"This morning my phone volume down and I actually see the volume bar which indicates a decrease in volume directly. That's happened twice. When going for a second time, I tried pressing the phone, this may be related to RAM? This is the first time I moved six times from 400MB avi file from one folder to another by using the application manager and listen to MP3 files at the same time, "said Jonnyguitar one of the users, as quoted by Pocket-lint, Tuesday (22/11/2011).

"Does anyone have a SAV Ghost, who played with volume in the middle of the call and the user refuses to change it again? But it happened because the volume of the lower right is not dead, and this is quite annoying," he continued in the forums.

Other problems reported by users on Twitter and forums on the web is the lack of Flash support for playing videos. Google admitted Flash support will only come after the mobile version of the Adobe update to Android 4.0.

In addition, users complained that the British could not install the BBC iPlayer application on the Android Market as well. Not usually in the process of downloading this application, perhaps because the application is not approved as an application in Ice Cream Sandwich.

"I was the first person in the world who have the Galaxy Nexus, but unfortunately this phone does not work very well. I can not sign into account Gmain and no other Google applications that appear, even as the Market," said Alex Ioannou, one of the users.

Phone 4U which is the exclusive partner in selling the phone in the UK state has not received a complaint as described above.

"Our customer service and repair division has so far not received complaints menganai problem of software on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, after they buy it. But we definitely will recommend it to anyone who has a problem on their handset to connect directly with us immediately, so we can see and fix it as soon as possible, "explains Phone 4U

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