Looking for 'Twilight' Could Generate Dangerous Virus

Written By Irpan Paizal on Sunday, November 20, 2011 | 9:33 PM

Not just Angry Birds are misused for cyber crimes devices, Twilight, the title of a famous film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel, inevitably used as spreaders of the virus.

Launched by Emirates247, cyber crime seems to target the Twilight fans. Data Norton found, the search results relating to the film displays a link that potentially dangerous virus when it is opened.

The links in search results, when clicked on will automatically insert viruses, key loggers (programs to spy on anything you type on the computer), and various software 'naughty' else that could cause an issue in smartphones, tablets, or the victim's computer. Furthermore, this virus can even empty the bank account of the victim.

Search produces a link to the virus is generally in the form of search photos, trailers, video clips, player information, and details of the plot series. Most search also produced a similar link is a search with the keyword "Robert and Kristin kissing" and "Twilight true love".

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