After Tablet, Amazon will release Smartphone

Written By Irpan Paizal on Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 10:10 PM increasingly serious surging mobile device market. After the release tablets Kindle Fire, the giant online retailer from the United States (U.S.) is planning to launch a smartphone.

This plan will be realized in the fourth quarter of 2012. Even more interesting, Amazon reportedly took Foxconn in the development of the smartphone. As is known, the Taiwanese Foxconn is known as a famous mobile phone maker, one of which is believed to assemble the Apple iPhone.

"With the success of the Kindle eReader for over three years, and Kindle Fire is very likely to fill the gap tablet market with affordable prices, we see this as the next logical step for Amazon," said Amazon's internal sources such as Reuters and quoted Chexosnews reported on Sunday (20 / 11 / 2011).

The source added that Amazon will adopt the smartphone processor chips made ​​by Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. Previously, Kindle Fire using components from Texas Instruments, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor.

Because targeting the middle to lower segments, which pegged the price was expected to be affordable. The source said the price range is USD 150 to USD 170.

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