No Want Long Absent, Pato Determined Maintain Fitness

Written By Irpan Paizal on Sunday, November 20, 2011 | 6:54 AM

Comeback with AC Milan's Alexandre Pato did not end up satisfying because he was unable to contribute by scoring goals. Hence 'The Duck' is committed to maintaining fitness is no longer easily injured.

Pato acquired a thigh injury during the match against Udinese on September 21, Pato was forced to miss the last couple of games 'Rosonerri' for two months. Expected to miss only four weeks, 22 year-old Brazilian player turned out to be a longer break.

Saturday (19/11/2011) he finally make a comeback when Milan's visit to Fiorentina, where Milan forced a 0-0 draw. Upon recovery from a groin injury that membekapnya, Pato said if his hard work during practice so the primary key.

"In two months I came early in the morning, at 8.00 am or 8.30 am, and willing to do double sessions every day," said Pato on Football Italia.

Milan could not defend within a specified period to make Pato frustrating, especially when making a comeback she could not contribute a lot. Based on the Brazilian international striker was determined to maintain fitness after injury no longer easy.

"I will always work hard from now on to make sure I will not experience a recurrence of injury. I'm glad, because I did something to my muscles and my mind, because of recurring injuries that often can drop you," said the player's back numbered seven.

"I always practice with joy, as I wanted to get back to playing and now I'm happy," added Barbara Berlusconi's lover.

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